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How to get into tennis 

by GP

Are you looking to be a bit more athletic and have found tennis to be the starting point for you? Or do you just want to get to know the sport better and be able to follow a tennis match or a general conversation about the sport? Well look no further. Here comes a small guide as to how you can up your tennis game whether the goal is to start playing yourself or just to follow the people who are already being pro’s. You can check out the health benefits that comes with playing a sport such as tennis here – it’s bound to make you want to get started. 

Watch a match 

First step to getting into tennis is to sit down and watch a match. If you want the real experience see if you can actually go see a live match close to where you live. Watching a tennis match will help you to find out if you really find the sport exciting, and actually sitting down and directly choosing to watch it and concentrate about it will make you learn more about the sport and get more invested in it. No one will blame you if you need some entertainment to pass time between games or if the game is just dragging on a bit too long. When you are not that into the sport yet you might need some good distractions sometimes. So just pull out that phone and go check out the best online casino or another kind of game online, and enjoy yourself and get ready for the next game. 

Do your research 

If you did the former and sat down to watch a match but did not understand a thing, it’s time to do some research. Take a look at the basic rules of tennis so you can actually understand what is happening during a match. Of course a good kind of research is always experiencing it, so keep on watching matches and see how your knowledge builds for each match. It’s also a good idea to read about the different tournaments and professional tennis players. Knowing stuff about the sport helps you get more excited about it and makes it more fun to try it out yourself. 

Find out what you want

Now it’s time to decide for yourself if you actually want to start playing yourself or you just want to watch on the side and be a fan of the sport. If you feel like trying to play, then check out if there is anywhere in your local area you can pick up the sport. You can drag a friend along and start up together or you can just go by yourself. If there is nowhere to take tennis lessons with help from a trainer in your area, you can also just start playing yourself. Here it might be more necessary to have a friend with you, and play just for the fun of it on your own. In general it’s a great idea to get a friend or two to tag along, so you have someone to enjoy the sport with, both when playing but also just when enjoying matches on the TV or in real life. 

Buy the gear 

If you decide you want to take up playing tennis yourself, then it’s a good idea to go out and get some gear. If you are playing in a club there might be some of the equipment that you can borrow, but it’s always a good idea to have your own tennis racket that fits you perfectly. Find some clothes that you are comfortable playing in as well, as you move a lot around when playing. Actually, you don’t really need that much for playing tennis, as long as you have a racket and some tennis balls you can play all you want. The more serious you get about playing you can always level up on your gear and get something fancy, but for starters you are good with just a racket and some tennis balls. 

Start off easy

When starting a new sport it’s always important to go easy. First of all you want to avoid injuries. You might not be used to using specific muscles which suddenly come to use when playing tennis. That’s why it’s important to warm up and not overdo it. There is nothing cool in getting an injury just because you were trying too hard. Also, as mentioned before, give it some time before you go out and by all the fancy gear. Maybe you find out that playing yourself really isn’t what you feel like doing and you just want to watch the games and follow the sport on the side with some friends. Then it’s too bad having spend too much money on all kinds of expensive gear. 

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