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How To Not Get Bored at Home

by GP

I wish I had the answer to the simple question of how to not get bored at home, but there is no simple answer. But here are some suggestions.

During this pandemic, a lot of people find themselves homebound with nothing to do. It is very difficult not to get bored, but you have to be both creative and positive. A lot of people turn to cooking or baking, some focus on their home workouts, others watch a lot of Netflix or YouTube.

I think there has definitely been an increase in drinking alcoholic beverages and from what I’ve heard there has been some more activity on online casinos like Slotv.

No matter what you fancy, here are a few ideas to keep you going during this quarantine time.

Creating or working on your online business

Some people think the world is changing due to the Coronavirus. How much we will have to wait and see. But for many people who have lost their job or are worried about doing so, creating a business they can run from home seems to be a way to approach it. If you look at it in a positive way, quarantine has allowed some people to re-think and perhaps start a business they always wanted.

Reading and learning new things

Time spent at home can be a time for growth. You can watch a lot of documentaries or you can spend your time reading a lot of books and learning new things. Expanding your mind and knowledge is always a good thing.

Playing video games

If you are a gamer or a streamer that spend a lot of hours indoors, chances are that quarantine has not affected your daily life that much. It is likely that even people who were not gamers before has become gamers due to all the free time spent at home. There has definitely been a reported rise in sales of consoles and games.


In a time where anxiety about the current situation (as well as the future) is everywhere – meditation can be of great help Creating a daily practice of meditation can keep the worst demons at bay and create a more calm and positive state of mind.


If you are not used to cooking a lot, this is the time to learn. Yes, there are plenty of food delivery options available but learning how to cook new dishes is a great way to use the time wisely and possibly eat healthier.

Working out

Working out from home is not as fun as being on the tennis court. No one can argue that. But it does keep the body fresh and ready for when it’s time to head back on the court again. There are plenty of workout videos and tools you can get for your home. Such as resistance bands.

Hanging out with family

The world is a stressful place. Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to connect with family members. The quarantine is a time to get closer and build stronger relations for the future.

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