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The Advantages of Tennis: Study Better, Be Healthier, and Happier

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There are countless outdoor activities and sports to choose from. All promise sunshine, fitness and social time. Tennis is one of the more popular outdoor sports that offers all-round fitness and health benefits for both body and mind.

Playing tennis allows you to play in a variety of ways and burn between 450 and 600 calories in just one hour. Tennis is a tactical game that challenges both mind and body, making it a great all-round activity for a healthy body. Here are five advantages of tennis.

Tennis helps you study better

Because it is a tactical game that requires you to focus on that little yellow ball all the time, tennis helps improve your mental clarity. Studying can lead to many frustrations and the stress of deadlines and assignments mounts up very quickly.

Hitting the tennis court and taking your frustration with each swing of your racket at that ball will help you release a lot of the tension that comes with studying. Less tension equals better success when it comes to studying.

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Tennis makes you stronger

A game of tennis involves rigorous strength training in your legs, arms and upper body. The non-static movement forces your muscles to get stronger and leaner. Tennis also improves core, back and upper body strength through the inherent and side to side constant movement that is required during a game.

Tennis also works your heart muscle and gives you an incredible cardiovascular workout. Quick reaction times and hand-eye coordination are key necessities when playing tennis; practicing these helps make your mind stronger as well as your body. The core development that comes with playing tennis helps keep your back, hips and neck strong as well.

Tennis is a weight-bearing sport that forces you to work against gravity; this increases bone mass, making your bones stronger too. Tennis is functional as well as recreational, like some other popular student sports.

Tennis makes your brain sharper

This tactical game is based on geometry and physics and requires you to engage your brain. You can’t just zone-out. You have to be present. The alertness and tactical thinking that tennis involves and requires to develop shot patterns and techniques help generate new patterns between the nerves in the brain.

Years of tennis playing has been proven to increase and maintain alertness and brain development. As we age, it is important to keep our brain active as well as our body and tennis is one of the best ways to do this. The more you play tennis, the more you will develop your fine motor skills as well.

The release of serotonin that comes from the pleasure you will find in a game of tennis will help clear your mind, making you think sharper. Tennis also improves your cognitive skills through the need to strategize and act on it quickly.

Tennis helps you lose and maintain weight. 

We all feel better and are happier when our bodies are in a good state. Tennis is both a cardiovascular and muscle building sport. The combination of quick movement, technique and strength that is required to play a game of tennis gives you an all-round workout that burns calories and fat at the same time.

The fun and social aspect of the game keeps you motivated to regularly return to the court, helping you maintain your weight loss. Keeping your weight down and in a healthy range, further impacts your health and immune system.

The weight loss and maintenance that tennis provides also helps prevent chronic diseases such as hypertension and high cholesterol. The stress relief and serotonin that is released from playing a game of tennis also helps control appetite.

Tennis improves your social skills.

Tennis is not a game you can play by yourself. Social activities have a very positive overall mental impact. Tennis is a sport that takes sportsmanship very seriously.

Good sportsmanship is a necessary social skill because it builds teamwork, respect, discipline and kindness. These are all skills that are necessary to have when not on the court and so can help improve your performance in the work and study environment as well. Humans are naturally social creatures.

Engaging in regular fun and social activities builds self-esteem and keeps us happy. The teamwork and sportsmanship that tennis involves is a healthy way to do so. Joining a tennis club brings you into a community of like-minded people giving us an opportunity to connect with people, feel safe and secure.


It seems that tennis is a one-stop-shop. This is a sport and activity that gives the whole package. Tennis can be played at any age, making it a lifetime gift. The full package of health and fitness for the entire body that tennis offers will ensure that you are on top of your game both on and off the court. 

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