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Top 4 Tennis Myths Ruining Your Game

by GP

Myths are everywhere, even in the world of tennis. These myths have been passed down through generations by coaches, by schools teaching tennis, and by some players themselves. While most of these are popular, they are far from being true and can even hinder your gameplay, in some cases.

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Here are the top four tennis myths that are just ruining your game.

Being good at tennis is a talent

This is false not only for tennis but for every sport. While there are people who seem to have godly skills in playing their sport, it can still be analyzed and be brought down to one thing–the best and perfect technique. Of course, that can be perfected through practice, practice, and more practice.

No one is born with the best techniques already inside their heads. What exists are people who pick up on techniques better and faster than most people, which in turn makes them better than others in a faster timeframe.

Technique comes naturally, and you should not think about it

This myth intends to imply that good technique will eventually come on its own, like a potential power getting unlocked at one point. However, it does not work that way. Techniques must be taught either directly through coaching or by imitation. After that, it must be practiced over and over again to achieve perfection.

Also, techniques can sometimes be a complicated process that can only be taught and not discovered on your own.

Always take your racket back right away

This is perhaps the most common and most taught myth by a lot of tennis coaches and schools. The concept of this myth is that as a player, you must always take your racket back. The faster you do it, the better.

As a student, what will happen is a sudden and abrupt movement that is often awkward as well. Doing this will do no benefit o the player. In fact, it will even affect their gameplay as taking the racket back as fast as possible will lead to them not only feeling rushed but lacking the momentum and power for a good swing.

Move forward and step in

This is another common myth in tennis. According to this myth, you must always move forward and step in whenever you are hitting with your forehand or your backhand.

While this is a common technique taught in tennis clinics and by coaches, this is something that is not ideal in a real match. This is equivalent to always being in “attack mode.” While there is nothing wrong with that, a player who is always on the offensive side would soon find it hard to do defense when the opponent started to do offensive swings.


All of the myths mentioned above, and more, have gone on believed by a lot of people for a long time already. However, one cannot say that there had not been any attempt to educate people and make them aware of the inaccuracy of these myths. However, somehow and in some way, there are still people who manage to convince more people to believe in these myths.

How long these myths would be believed? No one knows. Still, you can do your part by educating others about these things as well. Sooner or later, more people will be educated, and less will fall victim to believing these myths that could ruin their game in the long run.

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