Top 5 Best Fictional Tennis Players

by GP

It is always fun to watch your favorite sport get portrayed in fiction. While there are a lot of movies, TV series, and other forms of fiction that have represented big sports such as sports and football, tennis also has a fair share of fiction representation.

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Meanwhile, here are the top five fictional characters who are also good at tennis.

Ryoma Echizen (The Prince Of Tennis)

Ryoma Echizen is the main character of the Japanese manga and anime “The Prince of Tennis.” The story of the anime revolves around the sport of tennis and naturally, the main character is a player. Echizen, in the story, is a first-year student at Seishun Academy (‘Seigaku’). At his age, he is considered a prodigy in tennis, having already won four consecutive titles in the American Junior Tennis tournaments. His invincible-like skills, combined with his looks, make him popular to the ladies.

Yagami Light and L (Death Note)

While “Death Note” is far from being a tennis anime, its two main characters had an intense tennis match in one episode.

In the anime, Light Yagami is the serial killer known as “Kira.” He kills using the mystical object called “Death Note,” which can kill anyone by having their name written down on it. L, on the other hand, is a world-renowned detective that is in charge of the case of Kira. The anime is a cat-and-mouse chase between L and the Japanese police force against Kira, who is the secret alter ego of Light.

In one episode, L and Light agreed to a tennis game. What looked to be a simple tennis game on the outside was presented to be an internal exchange of wits and deductions by the two smart characters. Nonetheless, both showed exceptional tennis skills.

Louis Litt (Suits)

“Suits” explores the dynamic relationship of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. Harvey Specter is a known attorney while Mike Ross is a fake one. The story also explores the interconnected relationship of Harvey and Mike with other characters in their firm, including Harvey’s colleague and often rival Louis Litt.

In one episode, Mike Ross got help from Louis Litt in playing against a client in a match of tennis. Although Louis is overweight and a considerably large person, he was surprisingly agile in the court.

Aaron Williams and Charles Poole (7 Days in Hell)

“7 Days in Hell” is a mockumentary that was aired on HBO, and used several BBC footage. The story centers on professional tennis players Aaron Williams (Andy Samberg) and Charles Poole (Kit Harington). Eventually, it leads to their match that was dubbed as the longest match in history.

In the story, Aaron Williams is a former player who had fallen into a deep stature of failure and loss after one tragedy befalls his career after another. On the other hand, Charles Poole is a prodigy that eventually managed to bring Williams out of retirement and seclusion by taunting him to a match.

Richie Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

In the comedy series, Richie is a tennis prodigy, who was portrayed to be naturally good at the sport. However, tennis is not his only skill as he is also a painter in the series. The series is not centric on sports but plays on a lot of themes, others being controversial ones.


Tennis may not enjoy mainstream media popularity as other big sports such as basketball and football, but it does not lack good material when it comes to fiction representation.

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Evan July 18, 2020 - 17:49

Is… Tennisnerd also an anime nerd?

Eric July 24, 2020 - 03:38

You should also read Baby Steps manga, which is more realistic than Prince of Tennis shenanigans. The main character Eichiro also uses Prince Original Graphite with middle bridge


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