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Top 5 Tennis Plays – Shots to Help You Win in Tennis

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Tennis is a fantastic sport, both to watch and to play. The best athletes have a number of plays that they regularly practice. They are able to use them in games at vital moments. It can be very exciting to see the best tennis players use the top 5 tennis plays against each other.

You can add to the excitement of watching tennis by placing a bet on good tennis betting sites. They will provide you the best opportunity to win some cash from gambling on tennis. In this article, we will go through the top 5 tennis plays that will allow your game to improve. You can then begin to play like the pros. Additionally, you may also be able to notice these plays better whilst watching.

  1. Ground Stroke

A groundstroke is a play that can be done with a forehand or a backhand. It occurs when the ball has bounced, and the objective is to get a full follow-through. Two hands can be used to increase the power of the stroke. It can be a good idea to add topspin to this play to make it more difficult for the receiving player to hit it back. One of the players with the most iconic groundstrokes was Andre Agassi. He was known for returning with accuracy and power and was always positioned close to the baseline.

  1. Backhand Slice 

One of the best strokes to change the tempo in a tennis match is the backhand slice. It is, however, hard to master. It is best used to confuse the opponent during a typical baseline rally. It forces the opponent to return a short ball which can disrupt their rhythm. The best players use the slice to mix it up during a rally. One of the most iconic players, Roger Federer makes this move looks easy, and he has used it a number of times to give himself the advantage.

  1. Two-Handed Backhand

The backhand has always been harder to master than the forehand. The two-handed backhand arguably allows for easier control and power. Masters of this stroke include Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. The two hands allow them to get more control on their shots which allows them to miss less and play with better margins.

  1. Power Serve

The serve is a great way to stack up victories in tennis. A power server strikes fear into the opponent. However, combining power with accuracy can be difficult. The best power servers are able to be extremely accurate, whilst also having powerful shots. This makes returns difficult and means that they have the upper hand during a rally. Power serves are hit at a speed over a 100 mph. Milos Raonic is a player who has mastered the art of power serving and it has allowed him to be successful.

  1. Volley

The volley is one of the trickiest tennis shots to use confidently in a match. The volley involves accuracy, as it is very easy to hit the ball outside of the court. Weight distribution plays a major role in the volley. Your body must be ready to place power and accuracy on the ball. The contact is also key, and no backswing is required. The power is generated purely by the pace of the ball. The volley requires a certain control and finesse. One of the players who mastered the volley was Ken Rosewall.

Conclusion – Top 5 Tennis Plays

Tennis is a sport that requires physicality and strategy. The choice of strokes can have a huge influence on the final outcome. You will now know the top 5 tennis plays that can allow you to have a greater chance of victory. It requires a lot of practice to perfect these plays, and part of the challenge also comes in knowing when to use them. By knowing these plays, it can also mean you get more enjoyment from watching the biggest tennis matchups.

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