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How To Hit A One-Handed Backhand

by TN

You’re watching Gasquet, Ljubicic, Wavrinka, or Federer and look at their backhand side and think to yourself “I want to be able to hit one of those as well!”

Well you can! The excellent Coach Kyril’s Tennis Vault has a lot of great teaching material to show you how to proper shots with plenty of tips and tricks that can elevate your game.

Here are some tips to think about:

Grip: Spread your fingers out over the racket and don’t grip it tight until contact point.

Prepare your racket. As soon as your opponent hits the ball you should be prepared for the next shot. The backhand is a more complicated shot than the forehand and requires thorough preparation and footwork.

Take a step inside the court not only parallell to it. Otherwise there is a risk you will get the weight on your back foot and the balance wrong likely causing you to “fall” backwards when you hit the shot.

Lean into the ball so that your weight is on your front foot (right, if you’re right handed) and you feel balanced.

Watch the ball! 🙂

Hit it.

Follow through with your swing.


Good video for the backhand forehand grip change



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