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Alcaraz is out of the Monte Carlo Masters

by Jonas Eriksson

We had the feeling when we saw the taping. Alcaraz is out of the Monte Carlo Masters due to injury. We wish him speedy recovery!

I briefly discussed this in our weekly segment, This Week in Tennis, on our YouTube channel. We have seen him bandage the elbow before, but it was the forearm this time. More exactly an injured pronator teres. This is what Carlitos had to say:

“I have been working in Monte-Carlo and trying to recover until the last minute from an injured pronator teres in my right arm, but it was not possible and I cannot play!” Alcaraz wrote on social media. “I was really looking forward to playing… See you next year!”

Carlos Alcaraz

This is not only a setback for Carlos but also the tournament and the many tennis fans who travel to watch the Spaniard play tennis. When will he be back? Well, his messages does not suggest a longer period away from the sport, but it of course depends on the severity of the injury.

What is an injured pronator teres?

A quick Google search tells me that pronator teres muscle injuries are rare. Tenderness and weak/painful forearm pronation are common findings. Tennis elbow is much more common. If you want to know more about pronator teres injury, click the link.

How long does it take for pronator teres to heal?

Full recovery may take as long as six months or longer if severe nerve damage occurs. We, of course, hope that Carlitos does not have any severe nerve damage or a serious pronator teres injury.

How is pronator teres syndrome treated?

  1. Manual therapy.
  2. Rest from the inciting activity.
  3. Anti-inflammatory pain medications.
  4. Forearm splinting to prevent rotating.
  5. Targeted exercises and rehabilitation.

Alcaraz is out of the Monte Carlo Masters, but let’s hope this is just a small blip on the radar for Carlos Alcaraz and that he can be back in time for the French Open.

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