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Another Australian Andynole

by TN

Andy Murray has just beaten a fighting and aching Milos Raonic in five sets in a match that told us a few things, some new, some of which we already knew. I’ll make it into a list. Ask me why later.

  1. Andy Murray is a physical beast.
  2. Milos Raonic has taken big steps towards becoming a solid top-ten player. Huge props to the fight he put in today.
  3. Novak Djokovic got exactly the kind of preparation he wanted. He has an extra rest day, while his opponent had to endure a gruelling five-setter.
  4. We will get another Australian Open final where fitness and strategy is everything. Can Murray win on his 5th try. So far I can’t see a single reason he will, except that he’s deserving a title after all that.
  5. This is a personal opinion but I find the Djokovic vs Murray (Andynole) rivalry to be the most boring of the big boy battles. Not enough variation, too many shots hit mildly in the center of the court, waiting for the opponent to miss. I hope this one is different. They are both amazing tennis players, but share similar styles. That’s why I hope Murray will try to play more aggressively and change it up more. To me, that’s his only chance.
  6. It’s the most obvious thing in the world, but it’s worth mentioning: It’s NOT easy to break through the top 4/5. We’re living in a fantastic era of tennis with Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and Wawrinka. We should appreciate this.

Let’s get ready for Sunday and hope for an entertaining encounter.

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