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Baby Fed – aka Dimitrov

by Jonas Eriksson

I know he probably hates the nickname and it’s not really viable any longer, but lots of people are waiting for the Bulgarian to make some kind of significant mark on the ATP tour. This year so far, lots of focused has been put on him changing his racquets. From Wilson to Head to Wilson again. Changing a racquet is a process for anyone, but obviously even more so when you’re a professional who relies on this instrument day in and day out. Verdasco is another guy who’s notorious for changing his setup. Although it can be beneficial to experiment, this rate of change can’t be good for the stability of his performance.

Today Dimitrov has an interesting challenge on his plate. For a dramatic effect I would like to write that it could be defining, but the young Bulgarian has already beaten Djokovic and he’s already 24 so that seems a bit exaggerated. But still, he needs to start winning these matches regularly if he’s supposed to make the jump into being a Grand Slam contender.

So, in approximately 90 minutes we watch Baby Fedal – Nadal vs Dimitrov. My feeling is that Nadal will win in rather comfortable straight sets.

What do you think of Dimitrov’s chances of winning a slam? Please comment below.

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