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Billie Jean King Cup Qualifiers

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Billie Jean King Cup

The eight qualifying nations and their players will be competing in the Billie Jean King Cup finals in November after a competitive round of qualifying matches.

The eight qualifying teams are Australia, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Japan, Germany, Slovakia and Romania.

The 2024 qualifying competition took place between April 12, 2024 through April 13, 2024, with sixteen teams competing and these are the results.

  • Australia v Mexico 4-0
  • Switzerland v Poland 0-4
  • France v Great Britain 1-3
  • USA v Belgium 4-0
  • Japan v Kazakhstan 3-1
  • Brazil v Germany 1-3
  • Slovakia v Slovenia 4-0
  • Ukraine v Romania 2-3

Canada, the reigning champions, runner-up Italy, wild-card Czechia and host Spain have already qualified for the November 2024 finals.

History of Billie Jean King Cup

The Federation Cup (1963 – 1995) was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation (ITF).  From 1995 to 2020 it was known as the Fed Cup.  Today this competition is internationally known as the Billie Jean King Cup.

The original concept of the competition goes back to 1919 when Mrs. Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman had an idea to create a women’s team event.  Her idea was rejected and instead she presented the trophy for the winner of he annual contest between the U.S.A. and Great Britain in 1923.

The idea was later taken up by Mrs. Nell Hopman, wife of Austrailian Davis Cup captain, Harry Hopman, to no avail.

Mary Hardwick, a British citizen living in the United States in 1962 proved such overwhelming support for the event that the ITF organized the championship tournament.

In 1963 the world tennis governing body founded the Federation Cup that was open to all nations, not just the United States and Great Britain.  This competition proved t be an enormaous success.  The competition was played over the course of one week, in a different venue each year.

The first final was between Austrailia and the U.S.A., with the event being held at Queen’s Club, London.  Austrailia was represented by Margaret Court and Lesley Turner. The U.S.A. was represented by Billie Jean King and Darlene Hard. 

The U.S.A. succeeded as the champions of that first competition, winning eighteen titles over the remaining years.

There was no prize money and teams had to pay their own expenses for the first competition in 1963. Over the years the sponsorship grew to include Colgate Group, NEC, and BNP Paribus.

Teams qualify for the Billie Jean King Cup finals by playing in the qualifier matches, with the exception of the previous year’s finalists, the wild card nation, and the hosts.

Remaining nations are divided up into groups one through three.  They are the Americas, Asia/Oceania, and Europe/Africa.

Equal Billing For Women Players

The Fed Cup was rebranded, in 2020, as the Billie Jean King Cup in honor of her dedication in fighting injustice, inequality, and discrimination against women and in all other forms.

The competition has attracted and enjoyed the incredible playing of all-time greats and current star players.

The ITF and Billie Jean King Cup encourages and showcases the ability of the sport to provide equal billing for women at the highest level of the sport.

Written by Bonnie Kilgore

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