Carlos Alcaraz out of Rio Open, will have tests on injured ankle

by Stefan Jonsson
carlos alcaraz injured

Carlos Alcaraz, world number 2, had a quick and sad ending to his Rio Open bid this year as he suffered a sprained ankle just two points in, against Brazil’s Thiago Monteiro. The match conditions were notably tough, exacerbated by heavy rain earlier in the day, which made the clay court particularly challenging to navigate.

The 20-year-old tried to play on in front of the packed stadium, actually managing to win three consecutive points. However, it was then obvious it wouldn’t work anymore.

“I was feeling the pain, I couldn’t move well and I knew that it was going to be impossible to continue without pain and it was going to be worse if I still play in such a tough match or long match. That’s why I choose to retire.”, Alcaraz commented after the short match.

Impact on Season

Alcaraz’s injury casts uncertainty on his participation in the upcoming “Sunshine Double” – the Indian Wells and Miami Open tournaments. Additionally, a scheduled exhibition match against Rafael Nadal in Las Vegas on March 3rd hangs in the balance. The injury’s timing is particularly concerning, with these important events just around the corner.

His ability to compete in these tournaments will likely depend on the results of further medical evaluations to assess the extent of the damage to his ankle.

“Tomorrow I’ll have a test for my ankle and let’s see if it’s something serious or not”, Alcaraz said, and added that after consulting with the physiotherapist, the decision to withdraw was made as a cautionary step. Despite the setback, the young Spaniard remains optimistic about his recovery and future events.

What’s Next?

The sports community eagerly awaits further updates on Alcaraz’s condition and his readiness for the upcoming tournaments. We had already started questioning Alcaraz form at the moment and this will not make things better.

This incident at the Rio Open just shows how quickly fortunes can change in sports. Alcaraz is a real joy to watch and hopefully he’ll be back very shortly as it would be a shame to miss him at the BNP Paribas Open next month.

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