Dimitrov, Gasquet and Haas Winners

by Jonas Eriksson

Week 42 brought out three winners on the ATP Tour. Three players with interesting styles and an ability to hit wonderful winners from pretty much anywhere on court: Grigor Dimitrov, Richard Gasquet and Tommy Haas.

It was nice to see Haas win in Vienna, a title he won in 2001 (!). Talk about making an amazing comeback from the injuries that have plagued a long stretch of his career. Now he’s even in the race, albeit barely, for the ATP World Tour Finals.

Another guy who has just made a play for The World Tour Finals is Richard Gasquet, who is now only a handful of points behind Roger Federer in the race for the top eight. Their respective performance in Paris will probably settle it all and with Federer’s lack of form this year, it’s completely up in the air. If you’re a Fed fan, the only positive in 2013 is that he won’t have many points to defend for next year.

It will however be interesting to see how he does in Paris. My feeling right now is: not so good.

The youngest winner of week 42 was the flashy Federer stroke-lookalike, Grigor Dimitrov. Dimitrov is a divine talent with the racquet but has had problems getting it together mentally. It’s nice to see him finally get through that barrier and win his first title by beating a top ten player in the final (David Ferrer).

Week 43 the tour travels to Valencia and Basel, read a quick preview on the ATP Tour website.

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