Federer Back In Biz?

by Jonas Eriksson

[The new tennis bromance?]

Yes, that’s the question hovering in every Fedfan‘s mind after his demolition of a lacklustre Tsonga 6-3 7-5 6-4 in today’s Australian Open fourth round.

Federer looked back to old ways, Tsonga couldn’t keep up. Only after going back a break in the third (two sets down), he started showing some frustration and effort to get back in the game, but Federer was simply too good.

The question posted by brilliant tennis writer Steve Tignor and other pundits is: is Federer good enough to beat Murray in the semis?

My answer to this question is obvious: I don’t know! What we saw today was a glorious display, vintage Federesque, elegance, grace, control, power, cat-like movement and miraculous ball control (yes, Fedfans tend to overdo it with the adjectives!) – but when the über-defender Murray is on the other side of the net, the storyline tends to look different. We saw this last year when Maestro Fed lost in 5 sets.

But maybe, just maybe, there is hope for change on the Fedberg horizon? New coach, new racquet, Murray doesn’t look so convincing, Federer seems hungry – there are many things that look up. Let’s take comfort in those as we head into the quarter-finals and hopefully semi-finals with a certain Roger Federer in them.

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