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Federer or Murray? Wimbledon final 2012

by TN

Today is the day of the Wimbledon final, another one where history is about to be made. Either Federer wins his 17th grand slam and his 7th Wimbledon title or Andy Murray is the first British man since Fred Perry in 1936 to win the cherished home slam. If Federer wins he's again back to #1 in the world, which would be a huge achievement for the 30-year-old, mostly because 90 percent of the tennis journalist, experts, pundits, whoever you asked, thought it was almost impossible and yet again Federer shows us that for him, nothing is.

I still have a lukewarm feeling that this might be Murray's time, despite being a huge Federer fan. It's just so ominous with all the records in the air, another Brit won the doubles (but then again another 30+ won the Women's title in Serena Williams) and so forth…I think the match can go two ways:

Either Andy beats all the nerves and comes out to play a tough and brilliant match which he wins in five sets or;
Federer runs him over in three. If Federer serves the way he did against Djokovic the latter is a possibility but Andy's return is one of a kind. For Murray it's all about getting into the match, taking the crowd into the match early and putting a small spike of doubt in Federer's mind. If he can do that, he has good chances.

On the other hand, Federer has won 16 slams and loves the grass.

What a match we have in store…

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