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French Open with Fans Scheduled for September

by Jonas Eriksson

The world of sport is going through a period that is very different from anything we have ever seen before. While the Coronavirus pandemic is still around in many parts of the world, and may potentially come back, as far as sports go, things do appear to be getting better.

Many sports, leagues, and competitions are slowly putting something on, and while this is far from normal, some sport is far better than a period of none. The majority of events are being played behind closed doors at the moment, but more events are now looking at the future and planning to have crowds inside arenas and stadiums.

What are the New French Open Dates?

The original Roland Garros event was scheduled to take place at the end of May as it usually does. That was at the height of the pandemic in France and many other places around the world, so it was no surprise to see the event canceled.

New dates have been drawn up at a time when the organizers hope that the tennis tour will be able to play, even though it won’t be back to anything like normal. We’ve even seen equipment released in the build-up, so plenty of people are assuming things will go ahead as normal.

The start date of September 27 has been given, while the final is scheduled to take place on October 11.

Fans Expected to Attend

The organizers are also hoping that fans will be able to attend. Rules in France around spectators at sporting events have changed recently, allowing up to 5000 into events depending on the size of the venue.

Figures of 60% attendance have been mentioned in rumors and early-stage plans, which would be enough to give the courts a really good atmosphere despite not being full. Whether watching from home on TV or in the crowd, having some people in attendance really helps with the atmosphere and it is something that would really improve the event.

Will All Players Play?

All eyes will be on the competitors’ list, to see who is going to play and who is going to pull out. This has been the case with the US Open, a couple of players have pulled out of that event and it would be no surprise to see more do that.

Those watching games and betting on them will need to take particular note of this. Should any major names pull out, that would really shake up the betting and be something of note. Betting is expected to be popular on the event, with many betting promotions UK players can use to their advantage when placing bets.

The key to who will play in the French Open may depend on what happens with the US Open. A lot of players who take part, and those who don’t, will have their eyes on the event in the US.

Organizers in France will certainly be looking at the event in America, looking to learn things and get themselves ready for what is sure to be a big test, especially if fans are attending.

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