Holger Rune’s coaching team falls apart

by Jonas Eriksson

The resignations are coming in fast. Holger Rune’s coaching team falls apart as Becker and Luthi leaves. What’s next for the Dane?

If you follow tennis twitter or any other social media outlets, you cannot have missed the messages from Severin Luthi and Boris Becker. They are apart of Holger Rune’s coaching team anymore, citing scheduling issues just weeks after joining.

“We started this partnership with the initial goal to reach the ATP Finals end of last year but moving forward I realised that in order for this to be successful, I would need to be available for Holger much more than I can,” wrote Becker.

“I can’t give Holger what he needs now.”

Boris Becker

Can scheduling issues be the only reason?

You would assume that scheduling issues are dealt with before any agreement is signed between a coach and a player. But here, they seemed to have appeared out of the blue, which makes you question if that is the only reason behind the split(s).

Not that long ago, Rune also split up with famous (or infamous) coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Then it was all about ego clashes with long-time coach Lars Christensen.

In short, Holger Rune’s coaching team is in crisis and seems to be a bit of a mess. Sometimes we talk about the issues of having parents a part of the team into adulthood (works for some players, seem to harm others) and is clear that Rune’s mother Aneke is in charge of the Rune setup.

What is next for Holger Rune?

The most recent news in Holger Rune’s career is a retirement due to injury during the ATP tournament in Montpellier. It was forearm-related and should not put him away from the court for too long. It will be interesting to follow his journey and his coaching setup in 2024.

Where do you think Rune will end up in the rankings at the end of the year? Comment with your predictions below.

And if you are curious about Holger Rune’s racquet, read the linked post.

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