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How do you beat Carlos Alcaraz?

by TN

This is becoming a difficult question for the ATP Tour players. How do you beat Carlos Alcaraz? Grigor Dimitrov found the answer.

How do you beat Carlos Alcaraz?

Not many players have had the correct answer in 2023. Alcaraz so far has only nine losses and was leading the head-to-head versus Dimitrov by 3-0 before the match. But Dimitrov came in with a strong, aggressive game plan, while Alcaraz was not at his best.

Dimitrov got his biggest win of the season 5-7 6-2 6-4 to reach the quarter-finals of the Rolex Shanghai Masters.

Dimitrov kind of brought Alcaraz’s game to him, which is a smart tactic, but you still need to pull it off and huge kudos to Dimtriv for doing so.

Staying positive and IN THE MATCH

These quotes from Dimitrov are from the ATP Tour website

“I stayed in the match. That was the first thing, especially after the first set,” Dimitrov said. “I was serving very well throughout the first set and he made a few errors. I pushed him to make a lot of errors at certain moments. At 4-5, he played an amazing game and another at 6-5. I was creating a lot of opportunities.

“After the second break in the second set, I think I understood his service games and was able to put more balls in and read his serve a bit better. I think in the third set, it was a bit of cat-and-mouse. I think we both played a solid set. He made a few errors and I was very solid and served well when I had to.”

Is Alcaraz overhyped?

No, I believe the Alcaraz hype is justified. He brings fantastic energy and skills to the game. But he is also human. And a young one at that. We can’t expect him to win every match he plays. He seems to be learning from these losses at a fast rate, so I’m sure we will see an even better Alcaraz in 2023. And that is a scary thought for other players.

It’s also common to see more upsets towards the end of the season when the players are tired after months of traveling and playing. But nothing should be taken away from Dimitrov who can play amazing tennis and let his talent shine from time to time.

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