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How Many Grand Slams Will Djokovic Win?

by TN

He has done it again. Another US Open title. 24 grand slams. Where does it end? How many Grand Slams will Djokovic win?

How many Grand Slams will Djokovic win?

Djokovic had one five-set match in this year’s US Open tournament. That is really when he struggled the most. In the semi-final against Ben Shelton, he was simply overwhelmingly good for the young American. And although the final was hard-fought and Medvedev played some of his best tennis, it wasn’t even enough for a set in the end. Djokovic won 6-3 7-6 6-3 to win a record-breaking 24th Grand Slam. He still looks fit and hungry and despite the rise of the amazing Alcaraz, Djokovic is still the guy to beat. How many can Novak win?

If he is at 24 now and the strong favorite at the Australian Open, 25 is a low number. I thought that was a crazy prediction two years ago. Now it seems likely.

But what will stop him there? Motivation seems endless. The body holds up. The family is supportive of his chase for greatness. He has a solid team behind him who all seem equally motivated. Can he reach 30? No, that seems a bit excessive. But why not 27 or 28? Nothing seems impossible for the Serb. At 36, he looks as strong and confident as ever.

The youngsters are coming but Novak stands firm

At some point, there will be a generation shift. Alcaraz has already brought some of that on by winning two Grand Slams already at 20. He will keep winning titles for sure. But Djokovic will stand in his way for as long as he can. Maybe two more years? Maybe even three?

Federer had a resurgence of form 2017-2018. Coming back from injury, he won three Grand Slams, a point away from winning four. Novak is in that age range now. In 2023 he won three Grand Slams. I have a feeling he wins at least two in 2024 and maybe the last one in 2025. That is three more, getting him up to 27 Grand Slams.

It is a mind-boggling number, but Djokovic has defied the odds time and time again and it’s difficult to see when he will stop.

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