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How many matches can Nadal win in a row?

by Oddspunter

It sounds like a silly question. But in 2022, it’s clear that it has some value. How many matches can Nadal win in a row?

When Rafa won his first ATP tournament in Melbourne in January 2022, it was a surprising good start to his return from injury. Little did we know that he would go on to win his first three tournaments of the year. Starting with Melbourne, he then, seemingly from out of nowhere, won the Australian Open and after that (last week at the time of writing), he won the Acapulco ATP 500! How many matches can Nadal win in a row? Well, he has now won 15. Can he extend that? If you’re a betting man, check out the best bet online bonus codes for 2022 to get more value for your money.

But Rafa’s best streak can’t be at the start of 2022, right? Wrong! This is his career best start of a tennis season. But on clay, his win streaks have been longer. Like in 2006 when he won all his clay court matches during that part of the season (18 in a row). Still, there are multiple reasons that his winning streak in 2022 is one of the most impressive feats of his career.

Reasons why Nadal’s 2022 is one of his most impressive years so far

  • He is returning back from a six month long injury break.
  • He had only won the Australian Open once prior to 2022.
  • Hard courts are not his best surface (all his 15 wins of 2022 so far have come on hard courts).
  • He is 36 and some kind of decline is to expected.

What does this mean for Rafa’s potential 2022 result? We all know he can win the French Open again, but can he take it further than that? Why not go for the number one title again? It doesn’t look unlikely if he puts together a solid clay court season.

Nothing seems impossible for the tennis legend from Manacor.

What do you think of Rafa’s possibilities for 2022?

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