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Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis?

by Jonas Eriksson
Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis?

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis? Many would say no, quite a few would say yes. But there is no denying that his match against Nadal at Wimbledon was great entertainment no matter which side of the Kyrgios debate you are on. Tennis needs its less pretty rivalries.

Nick Kyrgios seems to create controversy wherever he goes. His dry honesty can inspire or rub people off the way. Journalists love to write about him because it stirs people up and that sells papers/views/clicks. Whether Kyrgios himself loves to be a bit of a “dark horse” or joker in the tennis world or if he, as a young athlete, is just trying to find his way, we cannot know. He sure seems to think that tennis needs to be a bit more like other sports and stop with the overly gentlemanly behavior between players, refs, and audience.

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis? Yes.

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis?

Tennis needs more excitement and drama. This is just for the sport to stay competitive among other sports and activities. Connors and McEnroe were exciting and engaging to watch. It wasn’t always pretty, but tennis is a combat sport where the only thing that separates the players is the net. Does it have to be so nice?

Kyrgios has an amazing talent for tennis. He can do 70% preparation and still compete with the best in the world. It is sad that he doesn’t do 100% each match, but I guess he is not wired like that. When he does compete at his best level, it is very entertaining to watch. When he’s not, it can be extremely frustrating. But the choice is his.

It is quite refreshing to have a guy who stirs it up and creates some drama in the tennis world. Okay, it might be a low blow to hit a ball straight at Rafa’s chest when he’s at the net. But it is by the rulebook. And it is probably effective both to win the point and to get Rafa more off-balance. Should we really make such a big deal about it?

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis? No.

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis?

You might argue that the current version of Nick Kyrgios is not the best role model for kids and juniors trying to become better players and people. His lack of effort at times is hardly inspiring. But his honesty in press and skills can be. He also runs a foundation and is trying to do good things off of the court.

Let’s say Kyrgios came out and talked about the mental health issues he is battling with. I think the tennis world would be a lot more forgiving then. Who knows what he and guys like Tomic are really struggling with? Maybe it is not just laziness or a poor attitude? Maybe it comes from somewhere else?

Some people will see Kyrgios as a spoiled brat who ruins his massive talent with bad manners and low willpower. Sport should arguably be about beating the odds, overcoming obstacles and showing what humans are really capable of. But the Kyrgios show can, besides being entertaining, also shine the light on how difficult it is to be a professional athlete. Always being in the limelight, always expected to perform, always dealing with the press and answering for their performance on a public level. It is not for everyone and seeing people struggle with it, reminds us of that.

Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis?

It also reminds us that guys like Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer are not from planet earth. Which means that you will probably have more fun with Kyrgios at the pub.

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What do you think? Is Nick Kyrgios good for tennis? Please comment below.

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MR MYLES WELLINGTON July 6, 2019 - 22:43

I’m not sure purposely hitting a ball at your opponent is in the rules? I also don’t really think he is a bad boy .. more a spoiled brat. Has unbelievable levels of talent that he squanders, so that a poor example to set a young generation of impressionable tennis players.The spitting is vile too and he doesn’t get enough violation codes against him (Azerenka did for doing far less .. pretty uneven) But anything that spices up the intrigue I guess is good and I loved the Nadal match which is a contrast to the many dull, technically great games that seem to lack passion

Simon July 7, 2019 - 09:29

Tennis can be quite a sterile sport. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murray, are so focused that there’s hardly ever any bad behaviour. Kyrgios is an nutcase, but he adds spice to the tour. He could be a top four/three player I’m sure

Joe July 7, 2019 - 12:28

One good thing about Nick is that he definitely stirs controversy in the men’s game. Imagine with all the talent that he has, if he works hard, has dedication and an excellent coach, gets his head focused on what he can do, he can win a few grand slams and masters series events. Australia loves their sport and just look at Ash Barty no fuss, just an honest no nonsense hard working athlete and all of a sudden she is winning grand slams and world nr 1.
I want to suggest that Nick follows the way that Ashley does it, disciplined, humble and just try to do your best at all times. Also do not make unnecessary comments about the legends of the game who already won 15, 18 and 20 grand slams. And if you have to tell something about those legends, answer and discuss in a positive way.

Arvid Jaans July 7, 2019 - 12:50

I dont think you will have more fun with Kyrgios at the pub unless you fancy getting into a fight or something like that? Hes definately not wired properly, who knows what kind of problems he might really have. If we knew maybe we wouldnt be so hard on him…who knows really, then again know one else can mature for him, he needs to do it himself if not he will waste hes career…

Ethan July 7, 2019 - 21:20

Tickets to watch Kyrios and high level pros aren’t free. If the pro throws a match, then he shouldn’t return to tour until he’s fit to conpete. There are other promising athletes who’d gladly take his place. That’s different than being honest and genuine.

David July 14, 2019 - 10:49

I’m not a pro Kyrgios, or against the guy.
Like many I love to watch him play when he’s at his best and I don’t like him when he disrespect his opponent.
I’m not quite sure talent is enough to reach the level he has now. I know everybody things he could do better, an he probably could. But still, tennis is a hard game, to play like he does today, there’s a lot of work behind. May be not now, may be it was when he was younger, but at some point the guy worked hard.
May be he just blown out.

saigonbond August 1, 2019 - 10:47

In a Tour that has been overrun by too many politically correct and boring robots with often fake public personas, Kyrgios is a talented player with a refreshing personality (on and off the court) that is desperately needed on Tour. He’s 100% great not only for the Tour but also great for the sport.

Tennisnerd August 4, 2019 - 06:32

I am a Kyrgios fan :)


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