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Men’s US Open Final 2020: Zverev vs Thiem

by TN

Will the Men’s US Open final 2020 include Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem? Most things point towards that. But…

We have to remember that US Open 2020 has not been your average tournament. No crowds, no Rafa, no Federer, Djokovic defaulted, played in a bubble, and so on. Thiem and Medvedev have been the most steady and impressive players in my opinion, but they’re facing off in the second semi-final tonight, while Zverev is the favorite against Pablo Carreno-Busta.

It definitely seems like Zverev has become a more steady player in grand slams. Yes, he throws in the occasional double fault, but he hangs tough and battles it out. Although I think Thiem is the better player and more ready for a Grand Slam title, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Zverev won it.

The same goes for Medvedev. The tall and versatile Russian was in the final last year and fought hard. He has the game for a grand slam title even when the big three takes part. Plus, he has not lost a single set in the tournament so far. That is why I think the Thiem vs Medvedev match will be real treat.

But what about Zverev vs Carreno Busta then? Well, Carreno Busta doesn’t really sell a lot of front row tickets (not that you can buy tickets for this US Open). He’s a solid player who can do most things well, but does not have the same level of talent and potential as the other three players. He does fly completely under the radar though and if he can get into a battle against Zverev he has a chance.

Men’s US Open Final 2020 – Zverev vs Thiem

I still think we will get a final with Zverev vs Thiem. Thiem leads the head-to-head 7-2 and I don’t think he will throw away the opportunity to win a slam when the big three “is missing”. This is for the taking.

Who do you think will win the US Open 2020 of the four remaining players?


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