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My Twitter Rants Today

by Jonas Eriksson

This video is completely unrelated to what I want to say, so why did I put it here? Reason: it’s funny.

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Here are some of my tweets so far today…

About Nadal’s decline and the state of tennis

The #Nadal decline debate shows the reporters lack of tennis knowledge and skill to find more interesting stuff to write about. Come on!

How can a guy who just won his umpteenth French Open and his tenth grand slam have a decline? Does Djoko decline now because he lost a match

I’ll write that story up. @djokernole’s first loss of the year and the start of his decline. Ridiculoso…Tennis is at its best time ever.

#Tennis as a sport is flourishing, we have many great players in the top, it’s more diverse than ever and gaining more spectators as I tweet

About the WTA

The #WTA needs a mix of interesting players and based on calendar potential but based on a variety of skills and shotmaking abilities.

The problem with the WTA is the lack of player styles and personalities. We need more single-handed backhands and good servers.

I think it’s completely the wrong time to start thinking back to the good ole’ days. Maybe for women’s tennis, because WTA is BORING

About today’s matches

So many good matches today, Harrison vs Ferrer finishes, Del Potro vs Simon, Nadal vs Muller, Lopez vs Roddick and Murray vs Ljubicic!

Murray might get some problems with Ljubo, I have a feeling Harrison can beat Ferrer, Muller will take a set against Nadal, and Delpo upset

Watched the new FYB Tennis RX video, interesting stuff but too much talk. Find it at http://bit.ly/mahshr Tennisnerd.net

The good thing about dynamic footwork is that you stay moving all the time and don’t get stuck watching the flight of your shot.


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