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Nadal and Federer on Instagram

by Jonas Eriksson

In these strange times, a lot of players take to social media. One trend is top players chatting with each other. Here are Nadal and Federer on Instagram.

It took a while for Nadal to work out how Instagram Live works, but when he did, he was joined by Federer and later on also Andy Murray. I think this is a great way to keep the true fans engaged. It gives them something to watch while there is no live tennis.

Nadal talks about what he is doing at home in Manacor and how the Coronavirus is affecting his country. When Federer joins they get into how they started in tennis and some other stuff. It is definitely a light-hearted and friendly conversation – one of tennis’ more fascinating rivalries and friendships.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic also had a live chat on Instagram about how to build the perfect player. It is quite fascinating hearing which player qualities they would choose and why.

Novak seems unwilling to choose himself because I think there are some categories where he is a clear candidate for the top spot, but perhaps that is just him trying to be humble. Murray pushes to add him in more categories though, which results in a pretty funny conversation.

Are you watching these or are you just waiting for normal tennis to resume? 

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