Novak Djokovic is not real

by Jonas Eriksson

Did you know that the world’s best tennis player is an actual person? No, Novak Djokovic is not real. The ATP tour has come clean.

We have used the sentence for the sentiment that Djokovic is too good to be true, marveling at the Serbian superhero’s achievements and close-to-unbeatability. But now the ATP tour has created a five-minute video, explaining that everything we see on the ATP tour is just the result of some hard work and planning behind-the-scenes. They’re all actors and Djokovic’s real name is Bert Critchley, you can check his Instagram account.

This is obviously not real (meaning the new campaign from the ATP Tour), but it’s really funny and well executed! You can watch the ATP Tour video on their official website.

The idea is great and the agency that the ATP tour worked with to come up with this idea deserves to send over a juicy invoice. With a long background in advertising and media production, I think this is the best ad that has come out of the official tennis channels in a long time. I am not sure what they hope to gain from it, because I am not sure it will drive more viewers to tennis, but it will give a good chuckle to pretty much any tennis fan.

What are you missing from tennis?

At the moment, I am also editing a podcast with pro player and YouTuber Karue Sell. During the podcast, we discussed how the ATP can package tennis better to make it more accessible and engaging for tennis fans. I hope you listen to it once it is out (the best idea is to subscribe to our YouTube channel). We gave the ATP some criticism about their content, but on the same day we recorded, they produced this fluffy but brilliant video. So I guess some comments didn’t age too well :)

What do you think can be improved from a tennis fan’s perspective from the ATP, WTA and ITF?

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