Rublev disqualified from Dubai ATP tournament

by Jonas Eriksson

Most tennis fans appreciate Andrey Rublev. So we are all shocked to hear “Rublev disqualified from Dubai ATP tournament”.

The incident happened at 5-5 in the third set in a hard-fought and exciting encounter against Alexander Bublik. How did it happen?

Bublik hit a ball that Rublev thought was out, and the point continued, ending with Rublev missing long. Then he walked up to the line umpire and shouted something in what appeared to be English, but another line umpire claimed that it was Russian and it included the words “fu#king moron.” Rublev said it was in English and that he wanted them to replay the video.

But they didn’t. Rublev was defaulted. Bublik told the umpire that he would be happy to play on, but the decision was made, and Rublev lost the match 7-6 6-7 6-5 to a booing crowd. They weren’t booing Andrey, they booed the decision.

You can watch Rublev disqualified from Dubai ATP tournament here. Was this justified or not?

Tennis disqualifications

Do you remember other tennis disqualifications happening on the ATP or WTA tour? The Djokovic one at the US Open 2020? The Nalbandian kick at Queens? The Serena Williams disqualification against Naomi Osaka 2018. There was also the infamous Zverev meltdown.

Do you have any other memories of events like the Rublev disqualification? Let us know in the comments.

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