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The Future of Tennis Betting

by Jonas Eriksson

The ATP Tour website posted an article called “Sportradar launches the Future of Tennis Betting with ATP”. What does that mean?

Betting on tennis can be fun but can also lead to addiction and irresponsible behavior, where punters who lose money sometimes harass players on social media. However, betting on sports has been a part of the world for hundreds of years and will not end sometime soon. It also adds an important income to tournaments and players in terms of sponsorships. For a long time, the ATP seemed reluctant to form any official partnerships with betting-related brands, but this agreement with Sportradar is a sign that this might be changing.

What is involved in the partnership between Sportradar and Tennis Data Innovations (TDI)?

It is a multi-year agreement providing the sports technology company (Sportradar) with global data and streaming rights for betting and media data rights for all ATP Tour and Challenger Tour events. Access to this data will make it possible to create “new engagement opportunities” in terms of new betting and media products.

Commencing in December 2023, Sportradar’s ATP Service+ purpose-built suite of solutions offers new and dynamic ways for fans and bettors to engage with tennis via next-generation, value-added products and services that utilize previously unavailable deep data. ATP Service+ features include augmented streaming, transforming live streams with immersive 3D animations, expanded in-play betting markets, short-form video highlights for registered users, and an extensive range of personalized and targeted betting products to drive sportsbook performance for Sportradar’s global network of operator clients.

ATP Tour Website

It is difficult to say what this means in more concrete terms but it is clear that using new data will lead to different ways to engage with the sport. TDI is also trying to bring more stats to players through Tennis IQ.

Betting on tennis

If you are interested in betting on tennis, we have listed the best tennis betting sites here. There is also loads of guidance on betting on tennis on the website. But never bet for more than you can afford to lose.

What is Sportradar?

Sportradar AG is a multinational corporation headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland that collects and analyzes sports data for bookmakers, national and international sports federations, and media companies. The company was founded in Norway by Carsten Koerl in 2001 and has 3500 employees.

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