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What’s in Tursunov’s coffee?

by Jonas Eriksson

You know Dimitry Tursunov? He hates clay. At least I thought so until he beat Ferrer yesterday. You only think that Ferrer must have had a shitty day.

This is how he described his upset: “It wasn’t Ferrer’s best match. He didn’t play his best tennis,” assessed Tursunov. “He had the advantage over me because he’s been playing on clay. But I played very quickly and I didn’t make it easy for him. Ferrer was the favourite based on surface and ranking. It was a match where there were a lot of opportunities for both players.”

It wasn’t Ferrer’s day simply put so I thought Tursunov would crash out against Brazilian Bellucci.

But when I tuned into the match on the live stream he was up a set! Had he grown to love the red dirt?

No. Not really. In the end he lost 6-4 1-6 3-6 and things went back to normal. Still a good result for him and one that shows that you can never count out a good player, even if he’s been outside the top 100 for a while.

Besides, I like watching Tursunov. He hits the ball like he was wielding a sledgehammer and not a racquet.

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