4 Most Important Tennis Betting Tips for Beginners

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Betting on tennis is one of the most popular forms of sports betting. It revolves around various betting features like live in-play tennis betting, tennis streaming, and more.

Tennis betting has caught the attention of many sports betting enthusiasts over the years. However, not many individuals, especially amateurs have the right information to bet legitimately and profitably on tennis

By making use of the following betting tips, you will increase your chances of success as you bet on tennis. 

Just keep these essential pointers in your mind while placing your bets on tennis online.

Tip 1: Check the head-to-head records

First and foremost, you need to perform good research on every player in the match before betting on them. You don’t need to do any deep or extensive research, just check their latest head-to-head records and form charts to see how they are currently performing.

When analysing a bet on a particular tennis player, the most key factor to include is the head-to-head records of that tennis player against a particular opponent.

If your player has been successful against the opponent in the last 3 matches, that’s a good tell-tale sign that he will be successful again. Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration, but this ranks among the most important factors.

The best way to perform your analysis is simply to check their prior history as well as experience against a particular opponent and then make a judgment. 

Furthermore, you can use tools like MatchStat to help you better in analyzing any player’s history and records. 

Tip 2: Focus on the surface

Surface analysis plays a major role when betting on tennis. Every player prefers or plays comparatively better on a specific surface. 

  • Players who are big servers often opt for the hardcourt. This is because a faster surface helps them in their game by amplifying their dominant serve.
  • Players using the serve and volley move prefer the grass surface more due to the extra gain of shorter points they get from those surfaces.

Hence, in your decision-making process, do not forget to factor the surface into the equation when making your analysis.

If a player has been successful against an opponent 3 times in a row on a hard court surface, there is no guarantee that this same player will be successful again when competing against the opponent on a gravel surface. It’s an entirely different ball game!

Tip 3: Check the players form

Just like in other sports, the form chart is incredibly important when it comes to tennis betting.

The form chart tells you all about the most recent matches of a particular tennis player: how many matches were won, and how many were lost.

The form chart is a great tool to use, because it tells you if a player is in a winning streak or a losing streak.

A winning streak is likely to be continued more often than not, due to the player having a higher level of confidence. If the opponent is also in a winning streak, they may even each other out. 

However, if the opponent is in a losing streak, it’s a good sign that the player you’re backing may be on track for another win.

Tip 4: Get the best tennis betting odds

When betting on tennis, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting the best tennis betting odds. Otherwise, you could be leaving profits on the table.

After all, if your bet is successful but your odds are low, then your profits will also be minimal.

And that is why we recommend joining a betting site with the best tennis betting odds.

Final words

Remember the past – but don’t get blinded by it

It’s important to remember that all the elements you include in your prediction analysis took place in the past. They are not necessarily guaranteed to predict the future outcome of a tennis match. 

However, you can use these past events to your advantage and give yourself the best possible chances of making a correct prediction.

If you wanna put these tennis betting tips to the test, join a betting site today and give it a try!

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