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The US Open will be radically different

by Jonas Eriksson
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Like so many sporting events, the US Open suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 140th edition of the Grand Slam event should have taken place in front of a packed USTA Billy Jean King National Tennis Center. However, it was announced in mid-June that the competition would take place without an audience. The US Open is still set to go ahead but could be radically different. For any sports betting fans who might want to consider having a punt on the tennis, this deserves a closer look.

COVID-19 Alters the US Open

With the United States suffering more than any other country from the COVID-19 pandemic, many tennis professionals have had their say on the continuation of this event. The tournament is scheduled to take place in an empty arena, but tennis stars will need to be continually tested to ensure that they are negative for the coronavirus.

Former WTG Number 13, Kristen Flipkens is unsettled with how the WTA will be able to react to a player testing positive. Novak Djokovic has expressed similar concerns. Djokovic himself was diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus earlier this year. Rafael Nadal has stated that he does not believe that he will risk attending the Grand Slam. Serena Williams and John Isner are already throwing their names in the hat to be onboard, though.

The 2020 US Open Goes Ahead

Frequent temperature checks and symptom monitoring are just a few of the steps being prepared for US tennis players. Regular testing will also likely need to be done. Other major sporting events, such as the Formula One World Championship and European football seasons have started and resumed, respectively, by having strict measures in place. Thus far, these have proven effective, and it is highly likely that the US Open will adopt similar techniques. Some of those may include isolating players so that they only venture between hotels and the courts.

Taking a Swing at Tennis Betting

The lack of fans at football competitions has shown a tendency to throw up some rather odd results. Minnows have pocketed wins against giants, as home advantage and crowd support play no part in matches. This could also be something that affects tennis matches at the upcoming US Open. Naturally, this makes for a fascinating prospect if you like to engage in a spot of tennis betting.

While the roster for the US Open has not yet been finalized, we already have inklings about what to expect. In the 140-year history of the US Open, it has never been played without spectators, and will not likely suffer from the problem again in the next few years. Having a punt on the US Open could represent a once in a lifetime chance for sports betting fans to place some wild bets. Underdog shocks, surprise giant-killings, withdrawals, and possibly notable absentees are all virtually assured, making this year’s US Open one of the most baffling but ultimately exciting events to bet on in 2020.

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