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Our Affiliates

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One way to support us is to use our links

We have a couple of affiliate partnerships with retailers and brands we believe in. If you buy a product through the links below a small commission goes to the survival of Tennisnerd. So if you are going to buy tennis gear, please consider doing it through one of our affiliates. We would never partner with products or brands we don’t believe in or have a bad experience with. Just so you know!

Nordic Dots – Sustainable tennis and padel apparel
Gravity Belt 2.0 – Training tool from Reynolds Resistance
Grapplesnake strings 10% off
Play Your Court 50% off – Find a hitting partner and a coach
Free 14 day trial with TopCourt – Online coaching from the top pros
Learn stringing & customization from Unstrung Customs
Try Swingvision Pro – Record yourself and get AI insights
Top Spin Pro – Get your kids or beginners to learn top spin
Flexbar – Get rid of tennis elbow
Tennis Warehouse (US)
Tennis Warehouse Europe (EU)
Tennis Only (AUS)
Functional TennisThe Match Journal and the Tennis Pointer
Angell Tennis – Custom tennis racquets
Martin Method Tennis Fitness – Online fitness courses