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HEAD Extreme One Review

by Jonas Eriksson

It has a great name. And this bat stands out by being the only racket on the market with only one hole. Here is our HEAD Extreme One Review.

Are you looking for a new padel racket? Well, the HEAD Extreme One should be considered. Your opponents will look at you funny when you rock up with a racket with only one hole.

What is the story of the HEAD Extreme One padel racket?

What is the HEAD Extreme One Padel Racket?

This is a fast-feeling bat with only one hole and a lighter weight than many padel rackets on the market. The HEAD Extreme One has a diamond shape and Power Foam. The Soft Buttcap is supposed to dampen vibrations.


Weight: 345 Grams (+/-10)
Balance: 275mm
Head Shape: Diamond
Beam: 38mm
Core Composition: Power Foam
Frame Composition: Graphene Inside
Surface Composition: 12K Carbon
Ability Level: Advanced

Key technologies

Auxetic: Strategically positioned in the racket’s frame, the Auxetic construction will provide the carbon with characteristics that allow its fibers to expand and contract upon impact with the ball for exceptional energy feedback and a great feel.

Graphene Inside: Strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racket head, Graphene strengthens the frame, provides greater stability, and optimizes energy transfer from the racket to the ball.

Extreme Spin: A rough surface that multiplies the spin on the ball at every shot.

How does it play?

Four players of different levels took to the court for two hours to test the Extreme One. Straight off the bat, it’s clear that it’s an easy racket to play with that should appeal to beginners. It felt quite comfortable and easy to use. We did not notice more spin with this Extreme padel racket than with the other rackets we tried alongside it. It’s difficult to say what the absence of almost all holes does to the playability.

We did not notice more spin from the racket, but it was very easy to maneuver which allows you to do more last-second adjustments which can allow you to play more creatively.

Where the racket lacked a bit was the power and stability when wanting to hit a ball out of the cage or block heavy shots against high-level players. I think it will not work as well for advanced players, but be a good option for beginners to lower level intermediate padel enthusiasts.


A solid racket with that easy to use and swing, but lacks a bit in terms of power and stability compared to heavier rackets on the market.

You can check out the HEAD Extreme One Padel Racket from our friends at Total Padel.

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