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Why Is Padel Growing More Than Tennis Right Now?

by GP

Padel is one of those emerging sports that have recently started growing in countries like Spain, India, the USA, China, and the whole of Asia. Over the last two decades, over 100 million players have been on the field. Although padel has not been considered an Olympic sport, there are many significant lovers of the game, like the best-ever football player Messi.

Today, padel has become the newly-emerging sport in the gaming industry, offering various simple rules and techniques. Learning how to play padel is not tricky, and it’s also easier to play compared to tennis, badminton, and squash.

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No complicated rules

Padel comes with rules that are easy to learn, making remembering them a breeze. If you have ever played racquets, badminton, squash, or tennis, you can quickly try out padel and enjoy playing it. Compared to tennis, there are no hard-to-learn and technically demanding rules.

The second-most popular game in Spain

Padel is the second-most played game in Spain, and today, it has grown to the level of at least 20,000 padel courts in this country. It is well-developed and established in European countries, which only makes it attract more fans each day.

Not so physically demanding

Padel is less physically demanding because it requires less space to build the court. Additionally, that’s what makes it more affordable to practice when compared to sports like tennis. Even the balls used for padel differ from those used for tennis, as they are much smaller in size and lighter in weight.

It has quickly expanded to other countries in Asia

Padel courts are well-developed, constructed, and established in India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and other Asian countries. In Japan, the first padel court was constructed back in 2013, which marked the successful penetration of this sport to Asian countries. Singapore is another place where you will find open padel courts for sports enthusiasts. Singapore established its first Swiss Club for the padel game in 2014, which further kickstarted the game’s development in Asian countries. Moreover, India is not far behind developing padel courts at its entertainment centers.

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