3D: Djokovic, Davydenko and Del Potro

by Jonas Eriksson

Yes, this week in tennis was all about D. Djokovic, Davydenko, and Del Potro won a title each and especially for Davydenko it was a sign of good old form. A few things I noticed before Madrid:

1. Djokovic doesn’t look as comfortable on the clay as he does on the hardcourts. I don’t think he’ll be able to beat a fit Nadal.

2. Djokovic looks silly in long sleeves. I guess everybody does. On a tennis court.

3. Davydenko might have lost almost all his hair, but the guy can still play. He can still be a force for Roland Garros.

4. Del Potro’s playing style makes me want to cringe sometimes, because it looks like he’s hitting the forehand with a very wrist-unfriendly motion. But my god what a player he is. Top ten soon and then who knows? He might take his second slam this year and no one walks safe, not even Rafa.

5. Soderling is not feeling the same on court this year. He has quit with Pistolesi despite the good run earlier in the year. Let’s see if Fidde Rosengren (rumor at this point) can be of any use to him. Rosengren is a great coach though.

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