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Benoit Paire Anger Tantrums

by Jonas Eriksson

The grass court season rolls on with Federer back to winning ways in Halle and Feliciano Lopez having a resurgence in Queens. But what is ailing Benoit Paire?

Benoit Paire hates Wimbledon. He has made this clear over and over again and never managed to perform at the grand grass court event. But the flashy Frenchman also has issues at other arenas. I’m personally all for showing emotions as a sportsman (at least for the audience, I’m not sure it helps any players perhaps besides McEnroe) but Paire takes it to a new level.

Tantrums can be entertaining for the audience however, but if Paire wants to make his talent shine brighter, he would be better off working on this aggression and putting it into increased focus on the tennis court instead of destroying racquets and arguing in spectacular fashion.

If you’re curious about what racquet Benoit Paire plays with and usually destroys, read this post.

The following happened in the Masters in Rome earlier this year:

And last year he was kicked out of the Olympics in some kind of controversy.

He’s also known for tanking:

This is his latest outburst on a grass court against Florian Mayer in Halle.

What do you think of Benoit Paire’s anger outbursts and on-court antics?

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