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Can Afro Murray Break Djokovic’s Streak?

by Jonas Eriksson

Yeah, I’m sticking with the afro name until the Scot cuts his hair. And yes, I think there is a chance that with basically no pressure on his shoulders, Andy Murray can be the one to break the seemingly endless winning streak of Novak Djokovic.

He needs to relax, hit out and hope that Djokovic will get tired and irritated. Although the Serb beat Soderling in fine style (the big Swede was from his best) he looked a bit out of sorts at times. His breathing seemed heavy and on one occasion he was kicking at the ball and looked really frustrated.

If Murray can get under his skin – then we might have the end of an amazing streak.

By the way:

Really impressive effort by Gasquet during the first set against Nadal. Could very well be one of the best sets of the year. It wasn’t so unexpected that the air went out of him afterwards in his 5-7 1-6 loss. Hopefully this is the start of something great or at least better.

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