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Denis Shapovalov on TopCourt

by TN

Denis Shapovalov is a spectacular player with beautiful strokes. Now we can watch Shapovalov on TopCourt, the online learning platform.

As soon as I saw that the Shapovalov on TopCourt videos were released, I checked them out. At the time of writing, I have just watched his forehand video (I’m most curious about the one-handed backhand to be honest), but I enjoyed the way he laid out the information and I got some pointers that I can try to incorporate into my own game. The videos on TopCourt are quite easy to digest, not too long and complicated and it gives you tips and tricks while watching your favorite players.

The roster of pros on TopCourt is impressive. Kyrgios, Swiatek, Dimitrov, Svitolina, Azarenka, Zverev, the list goes on. You can check out the platform for two weeks for free using my link. TopCourt Free Trial.

Shapovalov on TopCourt

Each player who teaches on TopCourt offers a view different videos on their key strokes. “Shapo” has videos both on the one-handed backhand and the forehand. Most players on TopCourt also offers drills and stories to complement their instructional content.

I was skeptical at first about the platform, but now I use it every time there is new content on there and they launch new pro player courses quite frequently. If you’re a tennis nerd who want to improve your game or just get a better understanding of how the pros do it – it’s definitely worth checking out. You can always cancel before the trial period is over.

I usually write down the key learnings in a notebook and bring that to me on the court so I don’t forget what I need to work on. Bringing one of two ideas to each practice makes it much more enjoyable and you will get more out of your tennis.

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