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Dolgopolov looking for a sponsor

by TN

One of the tour’s most creative and exciting players Alexandr Dolgopolov (“the Dog”) is back from injury timeout and finds himself as nr 62 on the ATP World Tour official ranking list.

It is always tough for a player to come back from injury and Dolgopolov’s comeback wasn’t made easier as Rafael Nadal was on the other side of the net in the 2017 Brisbane ATP tournament. Nadal won 6-3 6-3.

You who are interested in tennis gear and sponsorships might have noticed that there was no Wilson stencil on Dolgopolov’s racquet. You don’t need to figure out that he hasn’t agreed with Wilson to continue their sponsoring. When a player drops out of the top 50, a company like Wilson might not find it worth their while to sponsor you anymore, even if you have such an interesting style as the Dog.

We’ll see. Maybe they change their mind if he can get back to his former level of play. Dolgopolov was once #13 in the ATP World Tour rankings (2012).

Dolgopolov is endorsing a Wilson Pro Staff 95S (now it says Wilson Pro Staff 97S actually), but is actually using a Pro Staff 6.0 95 with a 18×16 string pattern (the 95S has a 16×15 pattern). His racquet is strung with Luxilon 4G (1.25 gauge) and Wilson Natural Gut.

I personally hope that we’ll see the Dog back in good form. He is an exciting player to watch and as long as he can get his head right, I’m sure he has some really good results in him.

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