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Nadal is coming back

by Jonas Eriksson

There were some positive news from the Nadal camp recently. Nadal is coming back for the Australian Open 2024.

Nadal fans all over the world have had a rough year when it comes to rooting for their tennis hero. After his injury at the Australian Open in January, Nadal has not played a single event. But the Mallorquin has posted more and more training content on his Instagram and it now seems more and more likely that Nadal returns for the first grand slam of the year.

You can read more about Nadal’s injury here.

“I’m well, training, and happy. I’m at a good stage of my life. Until now, I didn’t know if I would play tennis again someday, and now I genuinely believe I will. I’m still not ready to say when, but I’m able to train increasingly longer, and the progress is good.”

“We know that the pain will never disappear, but I’ve taken a step forward,” said the Spaniard. “That’s a lot for me. Talking about tennis is another matter altogether, as is the level I’ll be able to play at. But the steps toward trying to play again have been big and positive, which is what we have been fighting for for several months. I’m confident I’ll be able to say something more specific in the coming weeks.”

Rafael Nadal

Is Nadal’s return at the Australian Open 2024 a 100%? No, with injuries you cannot take anything for certain, but we know he is doing everything in his power to return to the tour as quickly and as strongly as possible. As always, he has a very stoic and philosophical take on the sport.

“I haven’t played for a year. Personal success is often more rewarding than general success. The hope is that I’ll play again. You never know what will happen. My gut says it will be very difficult to get back to a good level of tennis. If I wasn’t hopeful of trying to be competitive, I wouldn’t be doing everything I’ve done over the past months at my age and after a long career.”

“The years pass by. My hope is that I will play again, and that is hugely satisfying to me on a personal level. I won’t win more Grand Slams than Djokovic, but I will have the chance to enjoy myself again.”

Rafael Nadal

Nadal has a way of understating his progress and once he is back on the professional tennis court, I am sure he will be a force to reckon with. Yes, maybe not winning any more Grand Slams (but doesn’t he have a career-long subscription to the French Open trophy?), but I am sure he will cause top players plenty of trouble.

What do you think Nadal can do in his return to the tour? We all know he is a fighter, so let’s just hope his body allows him to do what he does best for as long as possible.

Quotes from the ATP Tour.

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