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Remember Lukas Rosol? No One Match Wonder.

by Jonas Eriksson

Yes, he is the guy who beat Rafa Nadal in Wimbledon 2012 after blasting winners left, right and center. People were raving about him then, but as soon as he lost the next match without much of a fight, he was rather quickly forgotten.

But in ATP Bucharest he showed he is more than a one match wonder. He ended up winning the whole tournament (his first) after beating Seppi, Troicki, Simon and Garcia-Lopez. An impressive feat for the 48-ranked Czech.

So what happens next? Who knows? Rosol is not exactly young for a tennis player at 28, but we have seen in recent times that players can peak later in their careers than we thought. It’s simply too hard for junior players to break in on the tour.

It will be interesting to see Rosol’s progress. He has big and powerful strokes and is quite entertaining to watch.

Lukas Rosol plays the Wilson Six.One 95 BLX. Like most pro players it ought to be slightly customised, but in its retail form it’s a great stick for players looking control and still want a more forgiving headsize than the 90s and 93s like the Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 90 BLX and the Head IG Prestige Mid. Worth checking out if you’re looking for a player’s stick. Shame the paint job isn’t as nice as previous years.

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