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Top Players As Inspiration: David Ferrer

by Jonas Eriksson

I used to only appreciate talent, but what age has taught me is that there’s nothing more inspiring than hard work and dedication. One player that’s all about that is current world number #6 David Ferrer. He possesses one big weapon – his legs! He trains like a maniac off court and it all seems to pay off on the red dirt. I think if there’s one player’s attitude to mimic, it’s Ferrer (Nadal as well, but he’s almost inhuman so it might feel too difficult). Ferrer manages to maximize his strengths and be a threat to anyone without having a big serve, forehand or backhand.

What can you learn from David Ferrer then?

1. Work hard because hard work pays off. Don’t think so much about talent.

2. Never give up.

3. Be ready to run for every point.

4. You don’t need a killer shot to be a successful tennis player. But you need to be able to work the points.

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