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Billion Dollar Mind with Rick Macci and Dr Jerath

by TN

Coaching legend Rick Macci is back on the podcast to talk about his recent book. This is Billion Dollar Mind with Rick Macci and Dr Jerath.

Dr. Nivedita Uberoi Jerath and Rick Macci joined the Tennisnerd podcast to discuss mental tennis, mental health, motivation, and their new book, Billion Dollar Mind: A Practical Guide to the Game of Life. In this episode, we cover plenty of topics on and off the court related to how you can strengthen your mind. You will find plenty of powerful wisdom nuggets in this one.

You can check out my previous podcasts with Rick Macci on our podcast page. You can watch the video of our interview.

You can listen to our podcast in the embedded player below.

Time stamps

00:00 Intro and the book
03:46 How Rick and Nivedita met
09:13 Healthy mind, healthy life
21:40 Building positive habits
25:55 The mental diet
31:56 Reversing a negative trend
40:40 Finding YOUR motivation
44:25 Improving your presence
50:34 The importance of role models
58:20 Where to get the book
59:28 What did you learn from the process of writing the book?

About a Billion Dollar Mind

The review are in for Billion Dollar Mind. Here is an excerpt from Amazon.

Invest in YOURSELF!
Are you trapped by self-sabotaging thoughts and a mindset preventing you from reaching your full potential? Does the thought of going out of your comfort zone keep you up at night? Are you looking for a practical and science-backed self-help guide to bolster your mental toughness and regain your lost confidence?

Introducing “Billion Dollar Mind” By Rick Macci And Dr. Nivedita Uberoi Jerath
From athletic performance to academic success and from professional growth to interpersonal relationships, your mindset is the only thing that stands in your way. In “Billion Dollar Mind”, you will discover 18 chapters full of thought-provoking, ground-breaking ideas and concepts that challenge your beliefs, perception of success, and overall mindset.


Reviews for the book

What attracted me to this book was the fact that it’s written by two leading experts…from two completely different fields.

Dr Niva is a renowned medical director who has trained at some of the best institutions in the world, while Rick Macci is arguably one of the greatest tennis coaches of all time.

They formed a friendship through the love of tennis – and have combined their great minds to serve up this wonderful book that’s packed with positivity and golden advice for strengthening your mindset and levelling up your life.

I’ve read it once…but this is absolutely a book I’ll be reading again and again.

– Marc McLean

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