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Eliza Wastcoat on the Tennisnerd Podcast

by Jonas Eriksson

Eliza is a digital strategist who offers excellent takes on what is going on in tennis. Here is Eliza Wastcoat on the Tennisnerd podcast.

Eliza Wastcoat on the Tennisnerd Podcast

Eliza Wastcoat runs the Instagram account @itselizasworld, giving her refreshingly honest takes on tennis news. We had a great chat as a part of the Tennisnerd podcast, where we got into many topics. You can navigate through them via the time stamps below. The video of the podcast will be up later tonight (9 pm CET), while the audio can already be listened to in the embedded Podbean player or through your favorite audio platform like Spotify or Apple.

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Listen to the episode with Eliza Wastcoat

Eliza Wastcoat is a digital strategist and tennis nerd who creates engaging stories on her Instagram account @itselizasworld—everything from tournament news, player profiles, trends, and more.

Time stamps

00:00 Intro
00:30 Getting into tennis later in life
06:29 How can tennis attract more people?
11:00 Bringing out tennis personalities and tennis etiquette
29:00 Breakpoint, good or bad?
40:15 Eliza as a commentator?
43:25 The Ultimate Tennis Showdown
52:14 Eliza’s tennis goals
54:05 Does doubles deserve more love?
59:32 Growing up in a sports fan household
1:02:54 From UK to LA
1:12:11 Dealing with Besserwissers on social media
1:22:20 Is the angle the issue?

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