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Felix from Tennis Brothers on the Road to 1 ATP point

by Jonas Eriksson

Felix has become a well-known figure on the tennis circuit by documenting his quest for one ATP point on his YouTube channel, Tennis Brothers.

Felix from Tennis Brothers on the Tennisnerd Podcast

We sit down with him after getting his first ATP point! It was a journey where he had to go through many tough matches, media challenges, injuries, and more. We talk about his journey, being a pro on the tennis circuit, the lack of money for lower-ranking pros, what tennis is doing wrong, the next steps in his journey and his plans as an ambitious content creator and tennis player.

Next on Felix’ journey is to enter the top 1000 ranked players on the ATP tour. Can he do it? I am confident! I was very impressed by his maturity and determination, which I think bodes well for the future as a tennis player, entrepreneur and person.

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Time stamps

00:00 Intro
00:45 Combining tennis career with YouTube
12:20 Tennis and money
20:04 Tennis is too old-fashioned in terms of media
27:00 Is UTS the way to go?
29:35 Next steps in Felix’ journey
35:13 Felix’ maturity as a creator and entrepreneur
38:29 The work behind The Road to an ATP Point
42:55 How he dealt with the dark moments, like the injury period and the loss streak.
47:32 The bubble life of tennis
53:46 Felix racquet setup
1:02:35 There are TWO tennis brothers
1:04:16 The grind of the ITF vs the UTR circuit
1:07:54 How can we help lower-ranked players to make a living and also grow the sport?
1:14:48 Tennis has a marketing problem. We need more drama!
1:23:22 The varying conditions on the ITF circuit
1:30:35 Will we see other pros try to copy the Road to ATP format?
1:39:03 Do fans come up to you and ask for autographs?
1:44:57 Did you ever break a racquet?
1:49:26 Calling your own lines in ITF qualifiers

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