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Interview with Will Hamilton

by TN

For this episode of the Tennisnerd podcast, I do an interview with Will Hamilton, one of the co-founders of Fuzzy Yellow Balls.

Interview with Will Hamilton

Will Hamilton was one of the first tennis content creators on YouTube alongside his Fuzzy Yellow Balls co-founder and has since created and sold loads of instructional tennis content with stars like the Bryan Brothers and Martina Navratilova. This podcast went all over the place, from YouTube CPM levels to why Alcaraz’s drop shot strategy should be copied (according to data).

You might have seen Fuzzy Yellow Balls sponsoring some Tennisnerd YouTube videos. I only take on products I like and I think the FYB stuff is great. I actually bought their Singles Playbook before I they asked to sponsor my channel and I was excited to sit down with Will and talk about his business and all things tennis.

We have a few things in common. We are both interested in marketing, he is from Washington, D.C., and I went to university there, and we are only a few months apart in age.

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In the podcast, we talk about how Fuzzy Yellow Balls came to be, the process of producing high-level coaching materials and content, we get into marketing, dealing with trolls on social media, and also how Will’s work with statistician Craig O’Shaughnessy has opened his eyes to how to play more efficient tennis.

Will also give some surprising tips on how to win more points in your tennis matches. Where to approach and why Alcaraz drop shot is so effective. It’s not all tennis all the time, but I hope you can find enjoyment and some good information in this 90-minute-long podcast. Watch this podcast’s abbreviated, more tennis-focused version on my YouTube channel.

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