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Podcast: Q&A with Instagram Followers

by Jonas Eriksson

I did a Q&A with my Instagram followers of @tennisnerdinsta and I made it into a podcast. I hope you like it!

I get a lot of questions daily on my various platforms and I don’t really have time to deal with them all. Doing it in a podcast format is hopefully a good way to collect and answer to them.

If you have questions for my next Q&A podcast, please put them below!

Some of the questions I deal with in this podcast:

I was asked about:

  • Rafa’s and Roger’s retirements
  • What to do about tennis elbow
  • What do I think about Kyrgios US Open statement
  • What are some good budget poly strings?
  • Will I ever settle on a racquet?
  • What are good 97-98 sq inch racquets in the 305-310g weight range?

And more!

You can listen below. If you find the podcast or any other content I create here on Tennisnerd or YouTube interesting, please share it with your friends! I appreciate each and every one of you.

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