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Podcast with Antoine Hillereau, HEAD Marketing

by TN

Antoine Hillereau is a marketing manager for HEAD and has worked for the company since 2013. He has been involved in product launches, campaigns and player relations.

Antoine was an interesting guest to have on the podcast. Like me, he is a passionate tennis player and marketer and I was curious about how it is to work for one of the biggest brands in the tennis industry. He joined the industry in 2013 after working for French mega sports chain Decathlon and has not looked back since.

In this podcast, we talk about how the Corona situation affects his work, what he does on a daily basis, what is involved in launching new products, the journey of Graphene, the ups and downs of the MxG line, his involvement behind the scenes in tournaments, tennis culture around the world and much more.

PS. This is the second interview with a guy from HEAD. Has Tennisnerd found a sponsor? No, sadly not, but HEAD has been really keen and easy to work with and both Dennis and Antoine are really nice guys too, which makes my job easier. DS.

Thanks for listening!

New podcasts will be recorded next week from other parts of the industry. Do you have an idea for a great guest on the Tennisnerd podcast? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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