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Podcast with Cameron Price

by Jonas Eriksson

Cameron is an aspiring professional tennis player and YouTuber. He has also built a Notion template for tennis players. We talk about that and more in my podcast with Cameron Price.

Besides being an aspiring pro, Cameron is also a tennis coach.

After having heart problems in October 2022, he is back to playing tennis, coaching, and competing in tournaments. While away from the sport, he promised himself that when he could play again, he would document his tennis journey and share everything he learned along the way.

You can listen to the podcast in audio format on the most common podcast platforms or on our YouTube channel. It is also available in the embedded player below.

Time stamps

Time stamps

00:00 Intro
00:28 Documenting the pro journey
04:14 Strengths and weaknesses as a player
07:30 Coaching vs Playing
17:30 Health and tennis
20:16 Being a “Youtuber”
27:33 Racquet and strings
33:05 From gear to mental performance
42:21 Tennis personalities and the story of a match
46:41 Serve bots and the contrasting surfaces
51:23 Heart problems leading to self-reflection
58:40 Screen time and social media

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