Podcast with Dylan Gee

by Jonas Eriksson

Dylan Gee is a tennis coach who runs the popular account @tenniswithdylan on Instagram and YouTube. This is my podcast with Dylan Gee.

Podcast with Dylan Gee

Sadly we had some technical issues during the podcast using the Riverside phone app, but otherwise Riverside has been great at helping me make decent podcasts with little technical knowledge.

Dylan Gee is a London-based tennis coach who has built a strong following with the Instagram account @tenniswithdylan. He used to play professional tennis and is now mixing tennis coaching with sports modeling and influencer engagements. During the podcast, we talked about his life as a “tennis influencer”, why he stopped playing professionally, his work ethic, and we also get into loads of other stuff as you can see in the time stamps below.

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00:00 Intro
02:44 What is the strongest point of your coaching?
04:12 Why did you stop your pro career?
10:11 What are some typical club-level problems you see over and over again?
11:42 How is the sports modeling world?
16:09 Meeting Alcaraz and other events
17:05 Will the modern and explosive game of tennis lead to more injuries?
18:20 What is your fitness routine like?
20:53 How important have your parents been in instilling good values and work ethic?
25:56 Do you receive gratitude from players when you coach them?
27:17 Overloading players with too much info
30:30 The backhand and the evolution of tennis
34:23 The state of tennis in the UK
37:17 Your tennis diet
42:57 Travelling on tour
44:23 Chinese tennis is on the rise
48:24 The state of British tennis
52:47 Playing tennis in college
57:38 Training schedule
1:00:00 What is your racquet?
1:04:55 When the tennis passion hits you

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