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Podcast with Karue Sell

by Jonas Eriksson

Karue Sell is a former #371 ATP professional and UCLA college tennis standout. He runs My Tennis HQ and coaches Marcos Giron. Here is my podcast with Karue Sell.

Podcast with Karue Sell

If you watch tennis on YouTube, I’m sure you have come across Karue Sell and My Tennis HQ. On his channel, he regularly shares coaching “NTRP 4.5, now what?” where he coaches fellow YouTuber Winston Du to get to the next level in tennis.

I have been a follower of his channel for a while and thought it would be interesting to sit down and talk about his career in tennis and coaching, as well as exchange some experiences about creating content on YouTube.

Karue seems like a great guy, and we had a fun conversation. I hope that comes across also when listening to it. I am trying to step up the Tennisnerd podcast game and if you like to listen to the stuff I do, please consider subscribing to the channel/podcast and tell other tennis fans about it. I haven’t found any financial incentive in doing a podcast, so every little piece of love and feedback helps!

You can listen to my podcast with Karue in the embedded player below, on YouTube or on Spotify, iTunes, etc.


00:00 Introduction
00:49 The YouTube journey
04:03 Working with Marcos Giron
07:52 Your own playing career
11:27 The grind of the tour
14:38 How do UTR events work?
18:12 Do you enjoy the adrenaline of competition?
24:49 Difference in levels ATP vs futures
28:00 The importance of mental strength
32:13 Which players do you most enjoy to coach?
36:21 Collaboration with Winston Du – some advice for 3.5-4.5
44:36 Dealing with trolls
52:49 How the racquet molds players
55:30 What is your current racquet setup?
1:01:01 Should Karue start a podcast?
1:04:48 My issue with YouTube
1:10:55 Tennis has a problem
1:14:49 Favorite players
1:17:50 The difference between ATP and WTA
1:18:47 Tennis needs variety

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